Tracing the Cracks

by Thinland

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"Intelligent, luxuriant & compelling indie rock/pop/folk. Falls somewhere between Elliot Smith, REM, Radiohead, Nick Drake, The Eels, U2, etc. New album 'Tracing The Cracks' is an album that NEEDS to be heard. It's dreamy, imaginative and inspiring. Listen to it again & again & again..."

- Kings of A&R, New York (April 2003)

"An ethereal, lush and dreamy expedition into the dark, deep and blue crystal crevasses of David Sylvian, R.E.M., Nick Drake, and Elliot Smith, among others, tumbling their listeners into an emotionally exposed and beautifully melancholy existence. If and when you picture yourself floating through the expanses of space, moving stars and planets with a sweep of the hand, feeling the glows of the galaxy imprint your heart, Thinland will be the soundtrack. Dive into the formless dream worlds and the gloriously powerless zero-gravity of fate... and take this CD with you."

- Editor's Pick (April 2003)

"Sometimes you come across 'great music' that just does not conform the way you usually listen to music and which demands a bit more of your focus and attention. Thinland is a band that combines acoustic and orchestral elements, layered guitars, poignant and introspective lyrics, and compelling melodies, giving the band an unique sound that ranges from acoustic folk songs with string and orchestral backing to full-out rockers with loud, aggressive guitars, driving rhythms, and memorable melodies. We could compare them to the very best of moving R.E.M., the beatific landscapes of David Sylvian's solo material, Leonard Cohen and The Eels. That said, no one comparison fully captures the essence of Thinland's sound except the simple fact you should hear this record, sooner as opposed to later. Extremely Highly Recommended.

- Not Lame Records (April 2003)

Thinland (2001-2007) was an indie pop band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band's combination of acoustic and orchestral elements, poignant and introspective lyrics and compelling melodies gave Thinland an unique sound that ranged from acoustic folk songs with string arrangements to indie pop and rock songs with aggressive guitars and melodic hooks.

Thinland's material has been compared to Elliot Smith, Radiohead, The Church, R.E.M., U2, Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Beck, The Verve, David Sylvian and the Eels.

Thinland's line-up included Jeff Crandall (guitar/vocals), Jason Fritts (bass/vocals), Aaron Kerr (cello) and Patrick Hennessey (drums). Additional musicians on Tracing the Cracks include Mellow Drunk's Leigh Gregory (guitar), Frank Spencer (dulcimer), Beth Spencer (vocals), Sena Thompson (violin, viola), David Hanners (guitar) and Randy Gildersleeve (slide guitar).

Jeff Crandall and Aaron Kerr reformed as Swallows in the summer of 2008.


released April 1, 2003

Jeff Crandall: Vocals, guitars, piano
Aaron Kerr: Cello
Jason Fritts: Bass, backing vocals
Patrick Hennessey: Drums, percussion

Additional Players
Leigh Gregory: Guitar
Sena Thompson: Violin, viola
Beth Spencer: Backing vocals
David Hanners: Guitar
Randy Gildersleeve: Slide guitar

Orchestral musicians on "I Don't Belong to the Sun":
Dean Heller: Trumpet
Kevin Welsh: French horn
John Tranter: Trombone
Joe Dolson: 1st violin
Michelle Kim: 2nd violin
Sena Thompson: Viola
Aaron Kerr: Cello
Greg Tippet: Double Bass
Dan Hovsepian: English horn, oboe, flute
Dick Peik: Clarinet
David Edminster: Bassoon

Production and arrangements: Jeff Crandall

String and orchestral arrangements:
"These Last Days" - Kerr
"Fire God" - Kerr
"Heat and Light" - Kerr, Crandall, Thompson
"Rarebird" - Kerr, Crandall, Thompson
"Suffocate Susan" - Kerr, Crandall, Thompson
"Hard Luck" - Kerr
"More Trouble Than I'm Worth" - Kerr
"Water for the Man" - Kerr
"Maria" - Kerr, Thompson
"I Don't Belong to the Sun" - Kerr

Production and arrangement assistance: Aaron Kerr, Jason Fritts, Leigh Gregory, Randy Gildersleeve, Sena Thompson, Patrick Hennessey

Recording engineer: Randy Gildersleeve
Mixing and mastering: Randy Gildersleeve
Mixing assistance: Jeff Crandall

Words and Music by Jeff Crandall
Except "Suffocate Susan" by Jason Fritts and Jeff Crandall
and "Heat and Light" by Leigh Gregory

Original cover photography: Bob Milton
Online cover painting: Kara H.
Graphic Design: Jeff Crandall

Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2002 at GilderSound, Forest Lake, Minnesota.



all rights reserved


Swallows Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Haunting folk tales brought to life by arrangements that incorporate American roots and blues, tribal beats and old world traditional music." - Hymie’s Vintage Records


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Track Name: These Last Days
These last days
Between the bookstore and the parking lot
I turned

These last days
Have given me a taste for living
So I turned

Meeting you
Has changed the taste of ash to sugar
So I turned

In this apartment
Underground and full of nothing
I turned

These last days
Have been like water for the thirsty
So I turned

These last days
Have given every thought new meaning
So I turned

When there was one
The days all ran together
So I turned

When I’m with you
Each moment has a color
So I turned
Track Name: Heat and Light
My body is aching
There’s nothing to say
I’ve burned all my bridges
Not much that’s coming my way

The floors are all silent
I breathe in the night
How long ago was it?
This room was once filled
With the heat and the light

Still, there’s a mark we made inside
Hand over hand on every door
As they board up the neighborhood
We live in no more

I stand in the hallway
And trace all the cracks
That break through the plaster
And run from the font to the back

Sweet dampness and decay
I breathe in the night
How long ago was it?
This room was once filled with the heat and the light

Still, there’s a mark we made inside
Hand over hand on every door
As they board up the neighborhood
We live in no more

See them flatten out the block
For new high rises on the way
In a pile a stick of furniture
From yesterday

My body is aching
There’s nothing to say
I’ve burned all my bridges
Not much that’s going my way

You used to bring me the heat and the light
Track Name: Rarebird
I can feel you stepping through me
I’m wide awake, dear
I’m not sleeping through this

Where you headed?
You’re still a specter, dissipating
I wish that you could
Rest your head for awhile

I’d like to stop this train
And walk from these tracks
Into the woods
Where days pass unnoticed
Where we could sit still for awhile

Where are you going?
What are you asking for?
What’s that song your singing?
Track Name: More Trouble Than I'm Worth
Stepping on your photographic
Memories of snapshots taken
Of all these stupid little things
That I’ve forgotten in the forest
The grand hallucinations
Of the gifted artist I’ve become

I’ve been peddling all these arbitrary
Explanations of why I’ve chosen
To neglect a thousand friends
I told that I would love forever
You see me as calculated,
Petrified, Incorporated
Angrier than Martin Luther
Never resting, so despondent

Like all the empty bottles
Filling up the grocery bags
I try to hide beneath my kitchen counter
Until they overflow the trashbin
I’m too lazy to put a proper face on things
It undermines my giving nature

I’ve caused more trouble than I am worth
More trouble than I am worth
Track Name: Water for the Man
He’s got a family and some lovely friends and neighbors
He gives a tithe to the church on every Sunday
He prays for goodness as he weeps about his savior
But he’s got his hands on me

He likes to swim with the naked boys and watch them
Through the goggles he bought for a vacation
Diving with his wife off the coast of Italy
Now he's got his hands on me

He knows that god is watching
But he still needs water for the man

He’d like for me to go to church with him on Sunday
To play guitar in the hope that the assembly
Will believe that I am just a Christian friend
But he’s got his hands on me

He knows that god is watching
But he still needs water for the man

He’s got no trouble in his soul
He trusts that Jesus is the truth
He knows the word of god is in him
His perseverance is the proof

So he’s made some minor errors
His loving god will grant him grace
For god planted this affliction
And god will have to take its place
Track Name: I Don't Belong to the Sun
Light, I keep listening for you
In this final arcade
On the dark side of no place
I move in the shadows
There’s no falling from here
I’m frozen on this accident sphere

I am one with the darkness
I don’t belong to the sun

I watch as my mantra consumes my soul
It’s come for my being
For what’s left to behold

But the deed of the dead is already done
Made my pact with the devil

I am one with the darkness
I don’t belong to the sun

These renegade passions just slip away
They turn me around, twist me up tight
And lead me down the path
To the prince of the night

No words could break my fall
No guilt will redeem my soul

I am one with the darkness
I don’t belong to the sun

You won’t find me praying
Down on my knees
Collapsed in the womb of this mystery

You won’t find my body in linen white
I’ll be back but untouchable in the dead of the night

I’m not moving on
I’m not moving on

In this permanent darkness
I don’t belong to the sun